Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pesky Flies!!!!

So here it is September is almost over. Im not looking forward to the cold weather, but I am looking forward to the flies dying off. Right now this is what is in my garage....   It is so nasty and disgusting.
These are 2 of the 3 fly tapes I have in my garage. Atleast they are working somewhat. There are still a lot of flies hanging around on the ceiling out there. But I'd rather them be in the garage than in my house. Right now there are 2 flies in my house that keep getting away. But I will get them that is for sure. Flies are so annoying. Pesks! Are what they are. I hate them buzzing around and landing in places we don't even want to talk about. Ewww. I think they have been extremely bad this year. Are any of you being bothered by flies right now? If not LUCKY! Or were you, and what did you do to get rid of them? Please let me know.

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