Saturday, February 25, 2012


Recently my family had the chance to try some really good sauce. The sauce we sampled came from the company, LaFAMIGILIA DELGROSSO. Let me tell you, this was no ordinary sauce either. It had such a great taste, and texture. It wasn't runny like some other brands. We got to try the Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara and the Uncle Bo's Roasted Red Pepper Tour. Both sauces were superior. We just couldn't get enough of the loaded flavoring of both products.
I decided to make some Spaghetti using the Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara. So I cooked off some hamburger and added it to the sauce. The above picture shows how it turned out. It was very good. The kids asked if I had used a different kind of sauce that night for supper. I told them yes. They said we want you to use this kind all of the time. Yep, that's how good it was.
With the Uncle Bo's Roasted Red Pepper Tour I made some Lasagna. (I forgot to take a picture sorry..) It too was very good. I wanted to try something different for the Lasagna and thought that using this sauce would be perfect. It was indeed. We all noticed how much better this sauce made our meal taste.  We will definitely be ordering more of the sauces in the near future.
From their website:

Marianna Pulcino immigrated to America in 1911, bringing with her an old-world recipe for pasta sauce. She established Mom’s Cafe on Walton Avenue in Altoona, Pennsylvania where she served up her classic dishes to the delight of hungry patrons.
     In 1936, Marianna’s daughter Mafalda was waiting tables at the cafe when Ferdinand DelGrosso, a handsome young railroader, walked through the door and sat at her table. They fell in love instantly.
     “Fred” and “Murf” would later be married, and in 1943 they bought a small restaurant on 17th Street and called it DelGrosso’s Cafe. With the help of Marianna’s original sauce recipe, the restaurant soon became famous for the “best spaghetti dinner in town.”
     The idea to commercially manufacture pasta sauce took root when Fred noticed restaurant customers offering to pay extra to take home a small portion of the sauce. Fred immediately saw the potential to market and sell their quality Italian sauces, and in 1946 he sold DelGrosso’s Cafe and bought nearby Bland’s Amusement Park.
     From the park kitchen, Fred and Murf worked 10-hour days to make one “batch” of five cases, using four 10-gallon pots and a hand sealer, which took 24 revolutions to seal one can. Fred and two long-time friends from Altoona formed a small sales force and gradually increased distribution by “pounding the pavement.” Now in its third generation, DelGrosso Foods has taken its place among the most highly-regarded producers of fine sauces anywhere. It continues as the oldest major family-owned manufacturer of pasta sauce in the United States.
     It is through tireless effort, continued commitment, and the closest attention to detail from family members at every level that DelGrosso remains “The Finest Sauce Made.”

 Again, I would definitely recommend this sauce to anyone who loves to eat really! My family really liked it a lot, and I am pleased to say I did too. 

Buy it:
You can purchase their yummy sauces at their Online Store.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned products, free of charge, upon my request, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% mine.  

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