Friday, October 28, 2011

Butterfly Kisses.. Okay Maybe Not....But a Butterfly Indeed!

So my kids had a toy car (a Matchbox one) that had a trailer on it outside for awhile. Well one day they found a caterpillar and my daughter put it in the trailer. The next time they looked inside the trailer the caterpillar had turned into a cocoon. I thought they had left it alone for awhile, maybe they did, who knows? But the other day when I came home, Paul said there was a butterfly in my house. Huh? Where would that have came from. (I had totally forgotten about the cocoon they had in the trailer) Finally my son says, "the trailer that Brianna had put the caterpillar in, look its on the table" sure enough, the caterpillar that had turned into a cocoon, had now turned into a pretty butterfly, and it was in my house.

  See how pretty this butterfly is?  I am sad because it just couldn't possibly live in my house, so I made the kids let it go outside. It surely won't survive this cold weather will it? Idunno, I didn't research on how a butterfly lives or anything. I am wondering since it was in my house where its warm, could it have turned into a butterfly too soon? Again hmmm makes me wonder.
I really wished I would have taken a picture of the caterpillar, then the cocoon, but I had no idea my kids were having a science experiment right in my house. I think it is cool. But again, I feel bad for that butterfly.

This was the butterfly before he/she was sent outside. My son was told not to touch it, and go figure, he did not listen. So I hope he didn't ruin the wings of the butterfly.
Anyway, I just wanted to share this with all my readers.  I found it very interesting.


  1. Oh awesome. Every year the 2nd grade classes where we live get Catepillars and they follow them through the entire process and then set a day and they all go outside to let them go. Sometimes it is so cold, but they go off happy as can be! Beautiful butterfly!

  2. That is SO COOL. I hope the butterfly does OK in the wild. What a neat story.

  3. ...thank you for sharing! I love butterflies and do what I can around my yard/ garden to attract them with plants and flowers.