Monday, September 26, 2011

What was in your mailbox today?

Today was a good mail day. NO BILLS!!! Those are always a good day. But today I received a few Freebies  and some coupons.

  • Pantene Split End Repair Facebook Promotion (No Longer Available)
  • Swiffer 360 Duster Facebook Promotion and some coupons (No Longer Available)
  • A sheet of various coupons from Unilever (Emailed Company)
  • Coupons from El Monterey (2) $1/1 and (2) .50/1 coupons (Emailed Company)
  • Coupons from Kettle Brand (1) Free Product coupon (1) $1/1 Emailed Company)
So what did you get in your mailbox today? Anything good?


  1. Hi Jessyca,
    It is great not to get bills in the maibox!:) I did not check my mailbox today as we have to go to a Post Office some 6 1/2 miles away. Hope I get something good in it tomorrow. Take care.

  2. I love when I get my freebies in the mail, I feel like a kid on christmas :)