Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spell Check

So, over the years my spelling has just went down hill. Its quite sad. When I was growing up I always got A's in my Spelling Classes. But Now I'm so used to using a computer and getting lazier over the years, that I really don't have to think too hard about spelling a word. As long as I am close to the correct spelling I can just right click and choose the word I was trying to type. Some cases I'm not close enough and my word isn't listed. Oops!

But what happens when I am actually writing on paper with a pen? That gets embarrassing because that handy little right click isn't available and I actually have to spell the word correctly. My brain just doesn't function like it use to. Im blaming this on old age. I guess my brain has had to make room for other things that do not involve spelling. I have actually caught myself trying to find the correct spelling and wanting to click something on my paper. LOL. How crazy is that. So here is a question, have any of you had a problem with spelling since being able to auto correct and spell check everything on your computer? I mean don't get me wrong it does come in handy when writing important papers, or even posting on blogs. I guess I am glad I do not have to manually write that many papers anymore. I would totally be toast if I did.


  1. Thanks for visiting Growing up Gardner! I'm following back :)

  2. Lol now that I think of it:my spelling has gone down the tube too!!!