Saturday, September 3, 2011

Early Bird Gets The Worm.

So the saying goes "The Early Bird Gets The Worm" Well today I got me a big fat juicy worm then. Haha. I woke up way too early for it being a Saturday and having no plans. So I decided I was going to head to Save A-Lot. Boy am I glad I did. I got there a few minutes after they opened. I had planned on getting a few items there because I knew they were cheaper than what Kroger had them for. I also had on my list clearance Meat. As you can see from the picture above, I got me plenty of clearanced meat while I was there. I am not sure how much I saved, but for everything in the picture I paid $53.00 I think that was a great deal. I freeze meat up anyway, so getting it on mark down doesnt bother me. Its all packaged up and in the freezer now and I have plenty of meat for awhile. :)

I also went to Kroger today. I didnt post a picture because I bought a lot of stuff and since I had to package all that meat up I decided not to take a picture of my Kroger Shopping Trip. Some of the highlights were:
12 pack Mt. Dew 4/$11 so I got 4
2 Liter Mt. Dew .86 when you buy 6 so I got 6
Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.97lb I got 4 packages which came out to be 11 BIG pieces so after they are split up I'll have 22 pieces.
I also got a package of Pork Steak on clearance for $8.22 There were 6 Huge Steaks in it.
I only saved 56% today at Kroger, But I did get a lot of stuff, and the Pop really adds up. (I don't drink that, my boyfriend does.)


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  3. Definitely a great shopping trip, so much meat :) I don't even have fridge big enough to put it inside..

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  5. Way to go, I always buy ahead and freeze stuff as well, I actually purchased an upright freezer just so I could do that and have saved enough in six months to easily pay for the freezer! I hopped over to become your newest GFC follower and hope you will drop by my blog a WV Stitcher when you get a chance. Have a fantastic week!


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  9. You are quite the saver there. Great finds, especially on the meat!

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