Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overage! On my Kroger trip! 9/20

Im not really sure how.. But today I scored all these for an overage of .69 That's right they handed me over .69 for purchasing these items. So I saved 108% today.
Here's the breakdown.
(2) Dawn $1.49 each used (2) .50 coupons tripled to $1.49 =FREE
(2) Ajax .99 each used (2) .50 coupons doubled to .99 =FREE
(2) Knorr Pasta Sides $1.00 used (2) .45 coupons that tripled and took off   $1.35 each =-.35 each (Ah Ha thats where my overage came from. Hmmm wonder how that happened?)
(1) Old El Paso Taco Seasoning .82 used (1) .50 coupon that doubled to .82  =FREE
Im sure many of you are wondering why I keep buying all the Knorr Noodles, Ajax, and Dawn. Well that is simple, the Knorr coupons all expire 9/21 (which is tomorrow) and I am getting them free, and teh Ajax and Dawn coupons expire 9/30 and I am getting those free as well. I am planning on donating a lot of the dish soaps, and some of the Knorr Pasta sides since I got them for such great stockpile prices, which when its FREE that is a Great stockpile price, in case you are new to couponing. LOL So anyway my total saving today was $8.48 and like I said before a 108%. Yay!!!!
I haven't mentioned this yet on here, so from today's date my yearly savings for Kroger is $1,388.98! Which doesnt include clearanced items, or extra coupon savings. So that is pretty dang awesome in my book!

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