Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walgreens Trip 8/13

I decided to stop in at Walgreens today to use up my Register Rewards that were expiring today. Im glad I did, because I got some school supplies really cheap. Im not going to list the prices, because some of them I am not sure, and I dont feel like trying to figure it out. I originally went in for paper plates and to see what else I could use my RR's for. Here's what I got.
(6) Packs of Walgreens Paper Plates
(3) Cans of Green Giant Green Beans
(1) Can of Green Giant Corn
(2) 10 count Paper Mate Pens
(2) 2 packs of erasers
(1) Box of Crayola Crayons Got back 1 RR for buying them
(4) 10 Count packs of Pencils
(3) Composition Notebooks
(3) 2 packs of Elmers Glue Sticks
(2) 5 Count packages of Penway Mechanical Pencils (the nice manager let me get these because the 10 ct. that was on sale was out.)
So today I spent $5.15 out of pocket. I used 13.50 RRs
I got back 1 Register Reward
I saved $43.63


  1. $5.15? That's awesome! It's crazy how much school supplies cost these days!

    Following through GFC via the FMParty at "the perfect line"

  2. Good work at Walgreens! Thanks for visiting yesterday!