Saturday, July 30, 2011


First off, I'd like to start this post off by saying, I've been putting this off for a few days now. (Ha ha ha!) Seriously though, what causes procrastination? Why do we procrastinate? Does procrastination cause us to fail? Or do we achieve what we are going for by procrastinating?
When I was in college, we had to write a paper, and I chose to do mine on Procrastination. I even procrastinated writing that. Yep hard to believe right? LOL. Actually every single paper I wrote I procrastinated on, and I mean bad. Some I'd write the night before they were due, others I waited until the day they were due and wrote. I spent many nights staying up all night just to get them done. And with each assignment I would tell myself, "Okay Im not going to wait until the last minute to get this done". And well, that never happened once. I would get so mad at myself and did not understand why I would torture myself and stress out when I could have started the paper the day it was assigned. Well I only failed one paper I wrote. That was the first paper I ever had assigned. It was so poorly written. It was quite pathetic. Well the reason I think I failed so badly, is because I didn't know how to set my paper up correctly. And procrastinating until the last night did not help at all. After I failed that paper, it was the last one. But it did not stop me from waiting until the last minute. No Sir it sure didn't. I learned how to set my paper up with the right format. Which made it easier to procrastinate.

I learned how to get A's on these papers I waited so long to do. It would stress me out really bad, but I think working under this type of pressure made me do so much better at writing them. LOL. Does that make sense? Because I still can't figure out how it worked out that way? But I figured if I could Ace my papers by waiting until the very end, why waste my time working on them for days at a time. I know that sounds so bad and makes me out to be an underachiever. But I guess that is just one of the characteristics of the type of personality I have.
I don't just procrastinate on papers. I procrastinate at every thing I do. The dishes, getting around in the morning, making supper, cleaning the house, just leaving the house in general. I just can't help it. Maybe I have a problem? Idunno? Am I just lazy? I mean it does get done eventually. Just not at the time it's probably suppose to. :)
Do any of you procrastinate? If so, what do you procrastinate with? I would love some feedback.

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