Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down In The Dumps....

So lately I've been a little bit down in the dumps. I finished up my Associate's Degree in Medical Assisting back in December of last year. Almost 8 months later, and I haven't applied any of my schooling to a job whatsoever. I was "pushed" to become a Medical Assistant by the lovely Admissions people at the college I attended. Because they asked me a series of questions and since I do like to help people and I do have a caring side, they decided that would be just right for me. But... Now that I have went to school to become a Medical Assistant I do not feel that is what I want to be when I do "Grow Up". Too bad I didn't realize this before I applied for all those student loans which are now starting to come back to haunt me because one is suppose to start paying back 6 months after graduating. Yikes! So now I am just trying to find me any job I can possibly get. I need to get out of this house. I need to start earning a paycheck, and get back on my feet for my family's sake. But as you all know, Jobs are so hard to come by now a days. But I will not give up. I am a Survivor! It just gets so frustrating and stressful to keep turning in applications, have interviews, and still nothing. I know my day is coming.. And I hope it is soon!


  1. My husband and I both have masters degrees and it took us over a year to find anything in our field. For the first year after graduation he worked retail and telemarketing and I worked as a receptionist. Now I stay at home and don't use my degree at all :) I totally understand about the student loans also! Have you applied for an unemployment deferment? You don't have to pay as long as you aren't working. Plus they have new income contingent repayment plans that will reduce your monthly payments by a ton! Good luck with everything, things will get better!

  2. I went to school for a few years...for a degree in Computer Science and I didn't complete it. I was entering sweepstakes and doing that sort of thing before blogging fell on my lap. Now that's all I do and I love it, but I understand all the "Paycheck" stuff...I don't really bring in a whole heck of a lot, but what I do bring (review products) saves us lots of money.

    Good luck finding a job!

  3. Jessyca, Good Morning! I think you have found your calling. You have the ability to connect with others. Which shows in your blog. Blogging is not a lot of money at first but can bring you some income. You don't need money to start. Ads in addition to your reviews. You already have it all at you fingertips. If you find a job then it would just be extra. Better Days to come! Thank you for your visit.

  4. Just a thought sweetie...I just started back to school a year ago for my associate's in nursing...If you generally care about people and like the medical field, that might be more up your ally...And maybe some of your classes will transfer? Plus, that is a much easier field to consider finding a job in and depending on where you work, you may have a flexible schedule (always a plus with kids!)I could help you out if you are needing some advice on getting started and what school would the best choice for your area (there are a lot of things to consider like certain accreditation). Anyway! You found me through my blog...So just let me know if you are wanting some help!