Saturday, July 23, 2011

My CVS Shopping Trip. 7/23/11

Today was one of the most fantastic shopping trips ever for me at CVS. I will tell you from the start, I have been sitting on quite a few Extra Bucks. As in, I used 59.53 ECBs to help cover my Out Of Pocket Expense today. So anyway, I only spent $3.41 I saved $92.91 and I got back 20.99 ECBs. Oh yes, all the candy I bought that was part of the Gas Card Deal. I also got me a nifty 10 Dollar Gas Card for Shell..  So, I think I did great today.
If you can't see everything in the picture here is what I got.
  • 2- 12 Pack. Diet Pepsi
  • 3- Kleenex
  • 3- Bags of M&Ms
  • 1- U By Kotex Pads
  • 1- Bag of Dum Dum Pops
  • 1-12 Roll Pack of Scott Toilet Paper
  • 2- Schick Hydro 5 Razors
  • 1-8  Pack of PaperMate Grip Pens
  • 2- Bags of Snickers
  • 1-Bag of Wonka Mixups
  • 2- Skintimate Shave Creams
  • 3- Soft Soap Pampered Hand Soaps
  • 1-Oral B Floss
  • 1-Crest Pro Heath  Mouth Wash

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