Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Save Alot Meat Trip! 2/14

Well I've been procrastinating with getting meat. Today I hit the jackpot again at Save Alot.I was hoping to get more Ground Chuck on mark down but someone beat me to it, so I had to pay regular price for that. But I think I still did a very good job. I spent $63.80 and saved $35.00! I got a good variety of hamburger, pork burgers, stew meat, steaks, and roasts. This should last us awhile. The last time I bought meat like this was last August. Now the fun part, getting it all put into freezer bags and separated. (Anyone wanna help?) LOL


  1. I got 14 packages of the bacon cost me .45 cents each going by weight each package would have cost me 1.50

    Also wanted the ground turkey at 1.00 a roll but someone cleaned 3 boxes there

  2. Man I haven't figured out how you ladies save so much yet. I am so jealous. You really did hit the jackpot. :-)