Friday, February 10, 2012

New Family Members.. Okay.. Fish...

 We already had just one goldfish that was Paul's Moms. Paul named him Flash because he was always zipping around in his fish bowl. Yesterday Paul decided it was time we added some new additions to our family. He bought a couple more goldfish. He named them Stripes and Calico.  He also got a Pleco, which is a type of algae eater. He named him Sucka. Well this morning we found Sucka dead floating at the top of the fish bowl. So he decided to get an aquarium that had a filter. He went back to the pet store where he got the Pleco, and the man gave him a new one, and he also bought 3 Cave Tetra fish. (Very ugly fish might I add.) He named them The Triplets. But they are suppose to get along with goldfish okay so that is why he chose them. He also got a heater for the aquarium too. It was fun sitting on the floor watching them today with Paul. I think he really likes his new fish. And he couldn't wait for the kids to see the new surprise.  So when the kids got home from school this afternoon they were very excited when they saw the new aquarium, and fish.
They sat in front of the fish tank for a good hour just watching them and laughing. They are pretty interesting to watch. They wanted to feed them and watch them eat. I will admit, it is a lot better having the aquarium instead of just the fish bowl.
Well earlier today the 2 new goldfish that he bought yesterday ended up dying. They both got caught on the filter which broke their fins or something because the first one that happened to wasn't able to swim anymore and was just floating around in the water. Then the second one got caught and I think it only lived for about a minute after that happened. So that was pretty sad. So we are now down to one goldfish, three ugly fish, I mean Cave Tetras, and the Pleco. Im sure Paul will be adding more fish to the tank soon. I think he is addicted to them now. LOL.

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  1. Fish are very relaxing but you gotta stay on top of 'em or they will belly up pretty darn quickly. Goldfish are also notorious for being 'dirty', so keep that tank clean as much as you can!

    We had a beta fish live by himself for almost 5 years in a bowl.