Friday, January 27, 2012

Kroger Shopping Trip 1/27

I did 3 different transactions, got overage on items, used coupons for everything, BUT the Milk. I paid a total of .52 for everything. (Also had rain checks for the Old Spice Body Washes)


  1. I wish we had a Kroger's in NH! :(

  2. I wish we could use double couponing, but it is illegal in the state I live in. I shop Costco for things like my dish detergent, body washes, etc. They are just more cost efficient for us and I shop once a year for toothpaste/baby wipes (I use them for make-up removal), laundry detergent/cleaning products, etc. I used to be able to do this good in Arizona, but no longer! Congrats on the great job you did.

  3. This is awsome! I love seeing your hauls!