Wednesday, November 9, 2011

EcoStrip Review and {Giveaway!} ARV $40 Ends 12/10 (CLOSED)

I recently came across a great company called, EcoStrip. They are all about GREEN! Which was why I really wanted to contact them and try out their product. I'm so glad I did.I don't have a business office, but in my home, we use electricity too. Just like everyone else. I'm always trying to find ways to cut down my use, while saving money, and helping out the environment. This company helps all three of those aspects.

The EcoStip 2.0 was sent to me for review. This thing is totally worth having. I actually noticed on my last electric bill a savings of 11dollars. And I know this device is what saved me the 11 bucks because I did nothing else differently for the last month. I'm ecstatic!

From Their Website!

EcoStrip 2.0 was presented with the "Gold Standard Award" for eliminating standby power and is widely recognized today as the best new energy saving product. EcoStrip 2.0 is an energy saving power strip with surge protection designed with corporate sustainability in mind. EcoStrip 2.0 acts as a normal power strip/surge protector for your computer and peripheral devices -- with one important difference: when the computer is turned off, power is shut down to peripherals eliminating the vampire drain of electricity.  Studies have shown that all of the electronics around the office can suck up a surprising amount of energy even when people go home at the end of the day. Standby power drains from electronics in the home and office are thought to consume billions of dollars in wasted energy each year. Powering down your PC when you're not using it is one step that helps, but what about the other devices that go along with computers like printers, scanners, and speakers? When left on every night of the year, the cost of these adds up.

Model Specifications:
  • 6 outlet
  • 6' Powercord
  • 6' USB Cable
  • 12.75" L x 2.15" W x 1.4" H
  • Line Voltage 120VAC
  • Max Spike Current 13,500 A
  • Max Dissipation 2350 Joules
  • 15 Amp Breaker
  • Transformer Block Compatible
  • Rugged, Drop-tested PC Casing
  • Designed in USA
  • UL Approved
  • Savings up to $150/year
  • Plug and Play
  • Illuminated On/Off Switch
  • LED USB Power Indicator
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty    
  • USB Controlled allows you to eliminate standby power to common office peripherals.
 Again, this product is awesome, and it would be great if all offices, and homes would use it. That would help the environment tremendously and everyone would be saving money! My family and friends now know about EcoStrip and plan on purchasing one for themselves. 
I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to help out the environment, or even if you aren't quite a Tree Hugger-yet, but want to save money, then this is for you as well. 

Connect with EcoStrip:

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You can purchase the EcoStrip 2.0 for $39.95
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The very nice people over at EcoStrip  would like to give one of my very lucky readers their very own EcoStrip 2.0 Umm Yes that's awesome!!! Thanks EcoStrip!

All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter Form below with the MANDATORY Entries filled out. If you choose to do the extra entries, that's great too! Remember if you Click, I DID THIS! Please make sure you really did, because I verify all entries.

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Disclaimer: EcoStrip sent me the EcoStrip 2.0 free of charge upon my request, for review purposes only. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are 100% mine.  


  1. I would love to win this because its good for the environment and it will save me money!!

  2. I'd love to win because I love the USB feature and love that it's a green product!

    Thank you for the chance!

    Joseph J.

  3. Besdies the fact that it will help the electricity bill, I love to support green companies!

  4. I'd love the USB features as well, I think that is great.

  5. I want one to save me money! Thank you for the chance at this contest! goldilocssweeps (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I would love to own one to save money!

  7. I love that it's a green product and saves on energy!!!

  8. I love that it will save me money

  9. This is great! I really appreciate the feature the turns off the power to the peripherals -- I usually keep our internet/modem on all the time even though I know it drains power and this would be a great solution.

  10. I love that it lower the electricity use, anything that helps up save is great.

  11. with all the electric devices we use it would be nice to save such a big chunk

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  12. I really love that it helps to save energy.
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  13. I would love to use this at my desk for all the electronics to save energy and become efficient.

  14. I would like to use it at home to try to conserve energy and support "green" initiatives

  15. I never can remember to unplug unused appliances — I would love to try one of these!

    mail {at}

  16. I would love to win because we have a home office and we love to conserve energy, but it's difficult to be diligent about turning off, let alone unplugging appliances.


  17. I love to support companies that offer green options!

  18. It is an energy saving power strip with surge protection designed with corporate sustainability in mind

  19. because they save energy and money.

    livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com

  20. I would love to have one of these because we have 4 laptops running off 1 plug and that has a surge protector


  21. I would love to win because we have too many TVs and cable boxes always plugged in and powered on. I also love that EcoStrip plants Trees for the Future.

    all natural katie
    allnaturalkatie at gmail dot com

  22. I would love to win this so I can hook up another computer and printer for my coupon addiction!!

  23. We use power strips a lot and it would be very beneficial to our home to try out an Ecofriendly power strip.

    n.snaer at gmail dot com

  24. Rafflecopter and Cookies are not playing nice, so there might be some duplicates entries from me. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    all natural katie
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  25. I would love to win this so I can save money and I like the usb features

  26. I would like to win this hubby's computer is over there, mine is here and one plug outlet between us... kinda all cluttered and in a mess. This would be very useful, not only for adding more plug outlets but also eco friendly!

  27. I like to support Green Companies!

  28. I would love to win this because it saves money. Thanks for the chance!!!

  29. I'd love to win because I could use one :)