Monday, October 3, 2011

Coupon Swap!

 Almost a month ago I came across a "group" on facebook for coupon swapping. It has been great. I am now on 3 of them, but like one more. That is the one I joined first. The last one I got into, I am not even sure how, but I ended up in it. lol.. I havent traded or "swapped" with anyone in that one. I should just leave that group. Anyway. I think this is a wonderful way to gain coupons you need. Because I know I am not alone... I have way too many that I know I will never use, so why not swap them for something you can use?

Thats what all these coupons in this picture are. I was trying to sort through and organize the coupons I knew I would never use. Say for instance.. Pet coupons, we don't own a pet, so I know  I would never use them, so on these coupon swapping groups Im involved with I can swap them for a coupon I know I can use.
 I know my living room looks like a mess. I can clearly see that. lol. But this is also helping others so much. I love this idea because the only thing you pay is the postage. So much better than going to a clipping service where you get charged and I think that adds up. I have made a few good friends since Ive joined these groups. They are awesome traders, and since they all live in different areas you can always get different coupons which makes it great. As most of you already know, I LOVE coupons.

This group has made it possible to save even more money because I have more coupons to use now. I think there are more pros than cons too. The only negative is, you have to know who you are trading with. I mean ask others in the group if they have ever traded with so and so, find out who the good honest traders are and be careful because there are scammers, as there is anywhere really. Also if you are needing a coupon for a particular sale, make sure you realize the time frame in which it could take to get the coupon(s). So far I haven't been scammed by anyone and Ive received all my coupons before the expiration date, and the sale. Some were a close call, but they made it to me on time.Like I said way more pros, which include SAVING MORE MONEY... Having a BIGGER stockpile, Being able to DONATE more items to your local food banks, or family and friends you know that may need the extra help. I have seen some amazing pictures of people's shopping trips posted in these groups too. Just awesome! So if you are connected with Facebook and feel this would be something great, look up some swapping groups.

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