Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I came home to!

This was a nice day to come home to, from being out and about today. I had 4 packages sitting on my front porch. Im looking forward to the day where I have a whole porch full. LOL Okay wishful thinking, but that sure would be awesome.Here's a secret, I didn't order any of these packages, or pay for them. Would you like to know how that works? Sure you do!

These packages came to me for free, from signing up for giveaways on other blogs. I sign up for  alot of giveaways. No...  I don't always win, but I think I win quite a bit of stuff. And with some of the things I win, are going to come in handy for Christmas. So that is the best part, winning giveaways saves you lots of money. There are many giveaway linkys all over the internet. If you are interested in finding giveaways, I suggest just google giveaways, or blog giveaways, something to that nature, and it will pull up tons of giveaways. Then I just enter giveaways that I would like to win. If Im not interested in a certain giveaway, I just skip that one and go on to the next. I have won many giveaways that had quite a bit of entries and I never thought I'd win... But I did.

So what are you waiting for? Getting packages in the mail is so much better than getting bills, right?
You have nothing to lose, well okay, maybe some time.. But its all worth it once you start winning and getting packages delivered to your house. So while you are here, enter my giveaways. You never know, the Winner could be YOU!

Please Do Not get discouraged if you don't win right away. Sometimes you will go through dry spells, but then bounce right back and start winning again. Here is some advice, if the giveaway has extra/bonus entries, that you know you can do, do them. It helps raise your chances of winning. Make sure you visit that blog everyday to get your extra entries in. And lastly, Good Luck!

Let me know, what is the best giveaway you have ever won? Right now I can't think of the best one, I've won a lot of good ones. :)


  1. Good morning Jessyca (love that spelling)
    I like what you said about those dry spells lol!!I was like losing my mojo even if I win little ones!!! and then you get some here and there!!! thanks for following me GFC also!
    best I won was a $600 hair pack from NuMe

  2. Thanks for following. I'm now following back. Have a great day:)

  3. Jessyca! Thanks for following me over at The More The Merrier! I have followed you on GFC, and Networked blogs too...AND on FB! I am like you, with all the packages on the doorstep from giveaways! I enter alot too (if you read my blog you know from the ones I list!) I think the best one I won was my iPad, I guess...I like winning things for my grandkids!!

  4. I love winning giveaways too! I used to sign up for more when I had more time and won a lot, it was so fun! Yesterday I won from a group I'm a member of - Mom's Meet - just for entering the contest by emailing a question for their facebook party (which took 1 minute), and I won a $25 Target card and gift basket! Definitely worth the 1 minute of my time! Following you back from Cheapskate4Life :)

  5. I just love coming home to packages. Feels like a birthday. :)