Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twitter makes me Sad!

 So today, I went to follow back a fellow follower of mine on twitter and it came to a screeching halt!  When I tried to follow back I got a pop up that said "It looks like you've hit a following limit" really????? I could then click on Learn More, so I clicked that. Pretty much I either need to delete some of my follows, or get more followers myself so that limit can be upped. This annoys me very much. I participate it twitter hops, which is a hop that you find more people and companies to follow in hopes they return the follow back. Now what am I suppose to do? I can not participate in these for the time being. I will have to go through all my follows and hopefully delete some that are just dead space. This will be very time consuming I am sure. I also like to sign up for giveaways, and as you all know, usually following a blog, and the sponsor are worth entries. Arghh that is 2 entries I will miss out on. I better get to deleting FAST!

This isn't really my first complaint with twitter though. I mean I havent actually sent them a complaint or anything like that. I just mean, I don't have a profile picture on my twitter... Here's why. I have no clue how to get one on there. I have tried several times, and I always get that picture of that whale saying "Over Capacity" So finally I just gave up. I can live with having an egg shape for my picture. I tried many different pictures I had on my computer to use, and every time, I got that stupid whale.

I've never really understood twitter too much anyway.  Who seriously does? Well okay, I am sure many of my readers do. I am just twitter illiterate. Some one please.. I beg you, Help me! See I am sitting here crying out for help all over this thing called Twitter! Alright, I'm not really. I am just confused, and would like any feedback  on this matter. I would greatly appreciate it. So if you are following me, and I am not following back, please be patient. I WILL follow back, when I can.


  1. Hi Jessica. Here is a page that you can join, no charge if you don't delete more than I believe 25 per day. So it may take a while depending on how many you need to delete which must be a lot. It will show you everyone that is not following you back. People are sneaky, they get on with you and then delete you later.
    I have to delete some almost daily that pull that immature crap. :) So this link solves the problem for me and shows me whom is not following.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Thanks so much! Yes they are sneaky! Thats for sure.

  3. Following back from the hop. I'll be sure and add to your Twitter followers as well!

  4. Following back from the hop! Also, I use to unfollow whoever is not following me. I totally get the strange twitter thing, even though I feel like Im on it..all the time!

  5. I'm following you back, sorry it took a bit! I'm probably one of the few people that doesn't have a twitter, sorry for what you are going through!