Thursday, August 4, 2011

SKECHERS Shape-Ups (Review)

I use to be a straight up Nike wearing girl. I've worn Nike for many, many years. That was until I found Skechers Shape-ups. They are amazing. They are very comfortable. And you can actually feel them working the first time you put them on and start walking. It's a great feeling. The picture is the exact pair I have. Well one of the pairs I have. I own two pairs. You can purchase this kind from for around $90.00... But if you shop around you may find them on sale. :) They are definitely worth the money and a great investment to help you shape up your legs, and tone your muscles. I give these shoes a 5/5 stars. I have had my pair for over 8 months now, and they are holding up really good.I am so pleased with them. These shoes are nice because they do come in wide width. Also they are available all the way up to a size 12. I have really big feet so that is a plus for me. Have I mentioned how awesome these shoes are? If not... They are awesome! I'm so glad I found them and was able to try them out.


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