Friday, August 12, 2011

A Post About My Finger Nails. (LOL)

So yea this is a real post about my fingernails, I even have a picture of them to share. I am just amazed by how fast they grow. Well since I do not work, that probably helps them grow faster, and I cant remember the last time I actually broke a nail. I really do need to clip them soon, or I will be jinxing myself and they will all end up breaking.
Okay so the reason I decided to talk about my nails.. When I was a little kid, and probably all the way up until I was a 9th or 10th grader I would pick and peel my nails all the time. I would never use the nail clippers. I was never one to bite my nails. I found that disgusting, and as I got older, Im glad I didnt since I found out that is the dirtiest place on your body. Ewww. Anyway. I would constantly pick and peel at them everyday. It wasnt a nervous thing or anything like that, I just didnt like to have any "white" showing. They never looked nice at all. And I was always told I would never have nice looking nails. But as you can see, they do grow okay.
LOL I really dont have any logic for this post. I just needed to get a post up here since I have been slacking off. So I guess... Enjoy. :)

I probably should have polished my nails for all of you to see. But I dont ever do that. Maybe next time. ;)

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  1. no nails almost get that long then they break :( really sucks cuz i love my nails to be long... They are pretty :)